We create fun experiential and developmental opportunities, as well as entertainment experiences. While the activities are based on your group’s specifics, participants’ muscles are generally built in agility, listening, creativity, risk taking, collaboration, communication, and playfulness: all of which benefit participants in all areas of work and life.


Everything we do is orchestrated by trained professionals who love what they do and want to bring it to your group.


Sessions can be scheduled once, at regular intervals, at your location or arranged off-site.  Because they are muscle builders, it is useful to incorporate them into a regular schedule. They can be in one-on-one sessions, small, medium, and large sized groups.


Spark Sessions
Usually around an hour, these sessions could be tailored to be:

  • an energizing creativity builder.
  • a fun way to team build, connect and collaborate with co-workers. And laugh.
  • shake up patterns of thought and lighten up.
  • the best lunch hour, maybe, ever.


Development Sessions

Two or four hour sessions developed around a specific theme, particularly:


  • Creative Problem Solving
    Creativity is problem solving and is a muscle that develops well outside the pressures of “doing good work.” Exercises specifically help to develop more ideas faster, limiting self-critique, taking more risks and taking action.
  • Collaboration
    A playful environment where small risks are taken, failures are celebrated, creative participation is evoked, everyone is welcomed, voices are heard, and laughter ensues.
  • Agility
    Skills to adapt to a rapidly changing world include taking risks, failing, starting over, saying yes to and enjoying the ups and downs, listening and adapting.
  • Public Speaking
    Skill development for professional speakers and leaders beyond the initial presentation: listening, responsiveness, thinking on your feet, taking risks, flexibility, confidence, lightening up. Treat unexpected events with confidence.


Entertainment, Events & Meetings

Fun, customized entertainment options for your corporate or organization are surprisingly affordable. Imagine entertainment, related to your industry, where your group is laughing and contributing to the show. Interaction is an option often chosen because when people participate, the show because special and unique to that to that to ‘s will get entertainment at a rate that people often find surprisingly affordable.

Our clients are offered, as options: 

  • Customized shows inspired by your industry, company or product
  • Interactive shows that engage and delight
  • A variety of actors, improvisors, organizers and stage crew

Your event is designed based on the experience you want to create. Contact us to discuss how we might delight your group.

Spark Sessions

People come away from these sessions feeling energized, newly positive, and enlivened. The activities gently challenge participants to use their brains in somewhat different ways, sparking new experiences, insights, creativity and fun.


The focus of the activities are customized to best suit the participants.


During these sessions, each participant listens to others as well as contributes to the group experience. People are invited to step to the edge of their comfort zone, and play there. All contributions are celebrated: there is no failure.


Development Sessions

These are most often two or four hour sessions developed around a specific skill set. Particular areas of interest and expertise in our group are the following:

Guy Laughing

Creative Development
Creativity is a problem solving muscle. It develops best outside the pressures of “doing only excellent work.” Activities and exercises are specifically to facilitate the development of more ideas faster, limiting self-critique, taking more risks and taking action.


Collaboration and Team Building
A playful environment is created for groups where voices are heard, everyone contributes and everything is celebrated. Activities are designed so that everyone participates and gets the impact of their participation. It’s fun, laughter will ensue, and people will get group interaction in a new way after this session.


In a rapidly changing world, skills like listening and considering new information, taking action and risking how you look, thinking on your feet, and coming up with new and relevant solutions quickly are highly valued. It’s these skills we focus on in the Agility sessions. These sessions are appropriate for leaders, managers, workers in technology, and almost everyone.


About Strategically Playful at Work

We are professional facilitators, improvisors, educators, actors  and seasoned business

Team Bonding at Lean Lab, Kansas City

Team Bonding at Lean Lab, Kansas City

people. We create awesome experiences with activities and entertainment at your location or off site retreats, meetings and conventions.


Programs include:

  • Team Fun Having
  • Activating Creativity
  • Team Forming
  • Network Building for Entrepreneurs
  • Team Bonding
  • Group Energizers
  • Community Co-Creations
  • Improv for Business
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurial Soft Skills
  • Presentation Preparation