People come away from these sessions feeling energized, newly positive, and enlivened. The activities gently challenge participants to use their brains in somewhat different ways, sparking new experiences, insights, creativity and fun.


The focus of the activities are customized to best suit the participants.


During these sessions, each participant listens to others as well as contributes to the group experience. People are invited to step to the edge of their comfort zone, and play there. All contributions are celebrated: there is no failure.

These sessions provide benefit in many situations, including when working:

  • long hours
  • under pressure
  • with new people
  • where creative failure is not acceptable (to you or others)
  • alone and interaction with additional people is preferred
  • in a stressful environment
  • and all areas of the brain are underutilized
  • and laughter as a result of your participation would be valuable