Spark Sessions

The activities during these energizing, engaging, enlivening sessions can fit into a lunch hour or longer, depending on your needs. The exact duration, time frame and focus of the skill set can now be customized to your needs. When sessions are complete, people usually leave with a positive mind set and feel rejuvenated and more at ease.

outside laugh-F-800x400.jpg During these sessions, each participant listens to others as well as contributes to the group experience. People are invited to step to the edge of their comfort zone, and play there. All contributions are celebrated: there is no failure.

These sessions can be effective for many people in many situations, including when working:

  • l o n g   hours
  • with new people
  • alone and interaction with additional people is preferred
  • under constant stress and pressure
  • in a very specific capacity and utilizing other areas of the brain are needed.
  • all day long without laughing one time, and you’d like to feel some joy

Under any circumstances, Spark Sessions are also perfect for a mental and emotional boost.