About Us

We are experienced skilled facilitators, trainers, business people and improvisors who are committed to creating group experiences that activate creativity, flexibility, listening and fun.

Brigid Greene will be leading sessions

The activities we facilitate do more than:

  • Activate creativity and innovation
  • Invigorate listening and communication
  • Trigger resilience and agility
  • Encourage risk taking
  • Enrich connections within groups

The activities are fun… and when you have fun at work, stress levels go way down, morale and creativity increase  and customer satisfaction goes way up…..because people like to do business with people who like to do business.

Programs include:

  • Team Fun Having
  • Activating Creativity
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  • Team Forming
  • Network Building for Entrepreneurs
  • Team Bonding
  • Group Energizers
  • Community Co-Creations
  • Improv for Business
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurial Soft Skills
  • Presentation Preparation

Entertainment options include:

  • Master of Ceremonies
  • Onsite Improv perfomances (customized to you)
  • Group co-creations

You’ll find we’re pleasant to work with. Our approach is playful with a full serving of integrity and honoring our word.

A playful approach creates positive mindsets, quiets inner critics, cultivates more ideas, new solutions, and develops muscles in taking risks and taking action. It’s a good way to be.

“The number one premise of business is that it need not be boring or dull. It ought to be fun.” – Tom Peters