“Weight Training” at Beta Blox, a Startup Incubator

Improv-2-fThe Beta Blox startup incubator is a training ground for entrepreneurs as they unleash their new businesses to market.

Always on the look out for resources to make a difference to those in his incubator, Wes Bergmann, principle at Beta Blox, decided to try an emerging training in Kansas City that leverages skills developed in improv. During a several year period of focused professional development, Bergmann experienced a noticeable benefit from the many improv workshops he took.

He knew entrepreneurs could achieve more success with the improved “thinking on your feet” skills that he’d experienced (and seen others develop) in the improv training.



An estimated 5,000 people explored South MS in Lawrence, KS in August to participate in activities, presentations, hands-on workshops and exhibits designed to spark creativity at school, in the home and the workplace.

Among the Nerdy Derby, robots, drones, pirates and about a million of other activities and presentations, Strategically Playful created collaborative art experiences for all ages.

One aspect challenged kids to be generously kind art critics on anonymous art.


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Maker Faire

The KC Maker Faire is always a fantastic image3place to experience and share creativity.

In 2015 I developed a special bubble solution which allowed people to blow bubbles inside bubbles, and then invited anyone who wanted to create these new bubble formations.

Last year we ran several sessions which first introduced people to their creative skills, then we collaborated on stories, poems and drawings.

There was a wide variety of ages participating, from ages 7 to their grandparents age.

We knew stretching creativity skills first would make the collaborations more interesting, and possibly provide new inspiration for whatever people were making, cooking, developing, building or planning.

The creation process was chaotic and fun and strict time limits forced everyone to reduce their self-edits.

We did drawings where everyone was given 20 seconds at a time to contribute to the artwork. Everyone rotated through multiple times until we had a completed piece. This worked really well because all ages could contribute.