The KC Maker Faire is always a fantastic image3place to experience and share creativity.

In 2015 I developed a special bubble solution which allowed people to blow bubbles inside bubbles, and then invited anyone who wanted to create these new bubble formations.

Last year we ran several sessions which first introduced people to their creative skills, then we collaborated on stories, poems and drawings.

There was a wide variety of ages participating, from ages 7 to their grandparents age.

We knew stretching creativity skills first would make the collaborations more interesting, and possibly provide new inspiration for whatever people were making, cooking, developing, building or planning.

The creation process was chaotic and fun and strict time limits forced everyone to reduce their self-edits.

We did drawings where everyone was given 20 seconds at a time to contribute to the artwork. Everyone rotated through multiple times until we had a completed piece. This worked really well because all ages could contribute.

A favorite poem about vacation started with a pre-selected first line of poetry.

Everyone was given two minutes to write one line of poetry with the same number of syllables as the first line, and had the last word of their line rhyme with the last word of the first line given to them.

The subject of the first poem was summer vacation.pic305

In the stillness of our imagination the waves cry.

They started talking to me and it was only July.The results were much different than anyone would have come up with on their own.

Our vacation was so fun it was hard to say good-bye.

In my mouth this summer, I would like some blueberry pie.

The summer is waiting for us, so I sigh to the sky.pic303


Another favorite started with a computer generated first line of poetry:

Just the thought of the soul, the oceans speak.

Just the thought of penguins makes my heart peak.

I’m happiest when I eat sode I love sode yes I do.

The incredibly amazing beak.

Food food food food food I want you in my cheek.