I got a ton of attention at this year’s Maker Faire because of the giant bubbles I created.


Most of that attention was to get the recipe so people could enjoy making them at home.

In researching how to make giant bubbles, I found bubble wikis, recipes used by people who have won Guiness world records, extreme bubble enthusiasts and several museums with bubble related events.

I don’t know what the magic ingredient is that makes them so colorful, but I do know what helps make them large and long lasting. I’ve eliminated glycerin and guar gum from the mix, as well as any dishwashing liquid besides Dawn (it is the most biodegradable as far as I can tell).

I really appreciated the dedication of this guy, and his recipe is the one I use. 

One quick note, make sure you use Dawn dish soap – nearly every recipe calls for it AND it seems to be fully biodegradable (and no lawns will get harmed).

If you find a better recipe, let me know!