The morning of the first day of the 2015 Lean Lab Fellowship program, Strategically Playful organized activities designed to convert stress to positive energy, create a sense of connectedness, and enliven creativity.Lean Lab fellows June 2015

The fellows were beginning a four and a half week Incubator Fellowship. They will be guided through a rapid process of innovation for a specific problem or challenge in education they have identified. The most viable of these solutions are then invited to join the 201 Incubator Fellowship program where their initiatives are piloted in local Kansas City schools.

Their skills in creativity and innovation will be critical as they build their solutions.

Often stress and fear of failure prevent risk taking and kill the willingness to take risks and try new things, all of which are essential for innovation.

Some of the comments from the sessions:

“Brigid’s actives align well with our organization’s process because she works diligently to make certain her work enhances the experience of those she works with.

“Her style makes you think deeply not only about your professional practices as well as your personal choices – all while having fun! Plus, her laugher is infectious so its so it makes the time that much more enjoyable. Brigid is wonderful.”

Carrie Markel, COO, The Lean Lab


“I began today’s session only mildly stressed but not particularly present (something I struggle with).

“At the end, I felt more open and connected.”
Katie Boody CEO, The Lean Lab


“One a scale of 1 to 10, I started the session at a stress level of 21 (I had a migraine). By the end of the session, my stress was down to three.

“I loved sharing the positive energy and the interpersonal connections made by the eye contact. I noticed people were smiling more at each other at the end of the session.”
Imani Malaika Mehta

Team Building Kansas City June2015

“At the end of the session I felt more energized and more bouncy on my feet and in my head. I didn’t feel so weighed down because it was fun to move around.”
Eliana Hudson


“My initial stress level was a little high (8); after the exercises, I was able to relax and speak out. My stress went down to around 4.”
Catina Taylor


“I noticed I was more energized and more comfortable speaking out at the end of the session.”

The Lean Lab is an early-stage incubator that launches solutions which better teaching and learning.