Lean LabThe Lean Lab is a new start-up non-profit in Kansas City, igniting innovation and reform and making education better in Kansas City. They envision deeply connected communities where all kids have access to excellent educational opportunities.

The doors officially opened in June with a full staff dedicated to understanding barriers and ready to make breakthrough differences.

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During their first week, Strategically Playful lead staffers through several fun, innovative team building, creativity and communication sessions. The first day of business we spent time breaking the ice and facilitating the process of knowing and  connecting with each other. There was a lot of laughter.

The second session we spent time experiencing the improv principle of “Yes….and” and discussed how it impacts idea generation, group dynamics and leadership responsibility. The last day we did some creativity and non-traditional team building activities, which left people feeling positive, connected and for each other.

Comments about the team sessions

“Brigid was foundational to setting the culture and tone for our incubator fellowship program. Her light hearted nature coupled with very intentional planning allowed for her to build a collaborative and joyful work environment for our fellows. In fact, many of our fellows cited Brigid’s programming as some of the strongest in our program. Thank you, Brigid!
Katie Boody, CEO The Lean Lab

“The sessions really encouraged me to be fully present, suspend judgement, and have fun. It impacted my attitude throughout my project. Your “yes…and” activity helped me see the power of my words and how I can better choose them for better results.”
~ Lyn E. Cook

“I came it open and without worries but today’s activities added a level of collaboration that I hadn’t felt before.”
~ Zac Berkstresser (J.D./MBA)

“I felt more motivated, positive and stress-free after the activities.”
~ Hunter Jones

“Very bubbly and engaging. Genuine, good strategies to connect people through laughter.”
~ Maggie Cearley

“I think you bring an element of openness that will allow people who may feel awkward or unable to fully engage the opportunity to say “Yes.” This allows transformation to truly take place. Yeah.”
~Cecilia (actor, educator, activist)