According to Seth Godin, “it’s all a mistake child-419440_640

“…until it works.

“That’s what innovation is. Mistakes, experiments, mis-steps.

“Until it works.

“The process isn’t to avoid the things that don’t work. Because that means avoiding the things that might not work…

“Instead, our job is to eagerly embrace the mistakes on the road to the impact that we seek.”

I wonder what life would be like if our parents taught us this, or we learned it in school.

Failure would be like a very informative, helpful friend: “go another direction, there’s nothing here for you…..”

The reasons to feel shame might diminish significantly. Avoiding risk taking wouldn’t make sense – you’d be missing out on knowing what works and what doesn’t.

You might feel – and be – encouraged to risk failing earlier, and knowing that it’s an option, to prepare yourself and maybe others. Maybe we wouldn’t need to hide so much.