Nerdery web challenge energizersEvery year the Nerdery, a digital agency with one of its seven offices in Kansas City, creates the Overnight Website Challenge.

For 24 consecutive hours, web developer volunteers and representatives from selected non-profits convene and create full blown websites for those non-profits.

The recipients are non-profit organizations based in the cities where the events are held.Nerd Energizers for the Hackathon in Kansas City

Volunteers show up not knowing which agency they’ll serve. Generally team members did not know each prior to this event.

After 12 full hours of work, on the night of Saturday, April 12, Strategically Playful ran energizing, brain boosting activities for the dedicated developers and non-profit representatives on-site.

Starting at 10pm, we led fun, interactive activities for about an hour.

The group size grew as participants came and went throughout the hour.

Laughter came easily to this group… and it was fun to watch as they exercised parts of their brains they hadn’t been using.

team building for developers - Kansas City Nerdery event

The beneficiaries of the Kansas City event (and their new websites) were: